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“After just three weeks of riding in the new footing, there was marked difference in the muscle quality and development of the horse. The difference was amazing. Wondeful footing!”

– Barbara Strawson, Greener Pastures Farm

What We Do
Stancills, Inc. has been a family owned and operated sand and gravel mining and manufacturing company since 1934. The second and third generations of the Stancill family now run the company and have a farm in Maryland where they have horses and enjoy all kinds of riding. Custom Equestrian Footing is a special branch of the company created to respond to the growing demand for quality riding surfaces.

Footing for All Equestrian Sports

We are able to create affordable, high quality materials because of our experience in the mining and manufacturing industry.Our Computerized Blending Plant can accurately mix ingredients, including but not limited to:
  • HoofCushionTM Active Recovery Footing System
  • Coatings that stabilize the surface and inhibit dust
  • Rubber that is recycled, virgin or colored
  • Wood Synthetic and Natural Fibers
  • Felt
  • Lycra 
The goal of Custom Equestrian Footing is to create something that is perfect for each client. Each surface is customized to your performance requirements, the volume of traffic on your arena and your budget. We welcome the opportunity to research, experiment, and sometimes invent to make the best possible riding and training surface.