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“We use the natural hoofCUSHION® for lay-ups and find our horses come back to the track consistently fitter and sounder than horses training on other surfaces.”

– Trish Brown, River Rock Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What footing is best for me?

A: Consider your riding habits (discipline, frequency, performance needs), your location (wet, dry, indoor, outdoor) and your budget. There is no best, universal footing that works for everyone: every person, horse, barn is unique.

Q: Where do you get your sand?

A: All of the sands, gravels and clays are produced by Stancills, Inc. for CEF. These naturally occurring materials are mined, washed and separated at our Furnace Bay Plant and tested for quality and particle size accuracy.

Q: What is the best way to choose a contractor, architect, or consultant?

A: Ask people for referrals. Contact contractors, interview them, and ask for references. Let them know you’re shopping for not only the best price, but the best working relationship. Do your research. Be thorough, and leave yourself enough time to make a good decision.

Q: My current footing is horribly dry and dusty, what can I do?

A: You can replace your footing, amend it with a dust inhibitor or change your watering habits. Consider getting a sieve analysis on your footing to determine the source of the problem (usually an excessive amount of fine particles).

Q: Can you give me references?

A: Yes. Request references with a phone call, fax or email.

Q: What is the best way to maintain my arena?

A: Regular maintenance! That means dragging, watering, and removing manure. These practices can enhance the performance and life of your arena tremendously.

Q: COSTS! Why don’t I ever get the same price?

A: Costs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These can include shipping costs, the cost of making the material and mark-up. If you have cost questions, don’t be afraid to ask for a price breakdown.

Q: Do all of your footings make an All Weather Riding Surface?

A: No. Unless the surface has something special (wax, oil, magnesium chloride) to keep it from freezing, no natural material is “All Weather”.