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I am crazy about our footing. The added benefit is the resilience, it is spongy and so wonderful to ride on. It is better than riding on the wet sand at the beach. It is really nice.

Paula Dhein, Knollcrest Farm

Consultation on your existing footing and arena could save you money in the long run.  Consider hiring a CEF consultant to analyze your existing surface to determine if it has any life left in, what you need to add to it to make it perform better, or if you need to scrap it altogether.  We specialize in analyzing riding surfaces and problem solving as well as consulting on new construction.

Consulting Services Available

    • 5 hours of phone consultations - $300.00 
    • Unlimited phone consultations for one year - $1500.00 (business hours only)


    • Nationwide on-site consulting - $200 per day            
    • All travel expenses to be paid by client 
    • Particle-size analysis included 
    Also available separately:
    • 1 hour of phone consultation - $75.00
    • Particle-size analysis - $75.00