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“Let me say that it was a pleasure consulting with CEF. It is refreshing to hear from someone who is knowledgable, excited about their industry and so very gracious with their expertise and time.”

– Leslie Kasper

Product Information

Materials List:

  • R2 sand: widely graded sand used primarily in outdoor arenas - drains 8 inches per hour.
  • R3 sand: blended sand that is very clean, no respirable particles (all greater than 10 microns) used in areas where air quality and drainage are issues – drains 50+ inches per hour.
  • R4 sand: A widely graded, clean sand with less than 2% respirable particles.  Excellent drainage and good stability.
  • R5 sand: A uniformly graded sand, that is very low in fine particles and drains very quickly.  The R5 is designed to be used with felt, fibers, or some other stabilizing amendment.
  • GGT Felt: A chopped felt from German company Polywert.  This felt has been used for some time throughout Europe with great success.  The felt is used to stabilize the sand, add some cushion and has some water retaining properties.
  • SR 1: Sand mixed with crumb rubber to add longevity to the sand and add some cushion to the surface.
  • CEF Crumb Rubber: recycled tire rubber, graded finely to blend more homogeneously with sand, has a compatible density with the sand and is less likely to separate out to the surface and get washed away.
  • HoofCushionTM: A mixture of sand, peat moss and synthetic fibers created with the purpose of simulating a turf surface.  Peat moss adds cushion to the surface and synthetic fibers do an excellent job of stabilizing the surface.  This material is relatively easy to maintain, it needs less “dragging” than conventional sand footings because it is so stable
  • Synthetic HoofCushionTM:  A mixture of sand, crumb rubber and synthetic fibers.  This footing has greater longevity than the natural HoofCushion because the rubber and synthetic fibers will not decompose like the peat.  This material has the same properties, but will thaw faster in the winter because of its dark color.
  • CR Fiber:  A stiff fiber that can be added to the footing before or after its placement in the arena.  It is used for stabilizing loose footing.
  • Felt:  This product is a chopped felt that is similar to that used in landscaping and construction.  It is used to provide cushion and some stability.  It has some moisture retaining properties that help assist in dust control.
  • COATED FOOTINGS: Any of our riding surfaces can be coated to make an ALL-WEATHER surface for an additional cost*